Aren't our furry pals just the best? They bring so much joy to our homes. And you know what? We're all about helping them live longer and happier lives with our awesome nutritious foods. Behind the scenes, we've got some incredible small farmers and a team that's passionate and dedicated to making it all happen. Together, we're making tails wag and hearts purr!
  • Best plant-based foods for our furry friends.

  • You know what's awesome about every Boosie product? It's all thanks to our passionate team, where everyone plays a vital role. We come together to whip up these fantastic plant-based foods that make our furry friends' lives so much better.

  • Be entrepreneurial.

    Dream big. Act swiftly. Embrace ownership and tackle genuine challenges with unparalleled attention to detail.

  • Embrace our mission.

    Crafting sustainable food that enhances our pets' well-being. Join us in making it accessible worldwide.

  • Inspire others.

    Our foundation is rooted in mutual respect. Remain humble, exhibit active listening, continuous growth, and empower others to excel.

  • Work remotely or join our beautiful co-working spaces in London or Prague.

  • Enjoy plenty of healthy snacks, whole foods and treats.

  • Get access to wellness at work and exciting events.

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