Our mission

Crafting exceptional plant-based foods to protect and support your pet's well-being. Join the adventure!

Our values

Better for your loved one

We create functional plant-based foods using carefully selected ingredients to boost your pet's energy, support their immunity, and enhance their overall well-being.

Better for the planet

We're all about keeping it clean and green! That's why we choose organic ingredients, steering clear of any nasty chemicals. And to top it off, we pack our products in reusable and recyclable packaging, because sustainability is part of our pet-loving philosophy.

Better for the community

To bring you the very best, we've built strong relationships with local farmers, often small, family-run businesses. It's a farm-to-bowl connection that ensures top-notch quality and supports the community.

Meet Butch

Meet our amazing feline family member, Butch, or as we affectionately call her, Boussik, Boussichka, and Boosie (inspired by Tarantino's Pulp Fiction character). Butch's journey began when her adventurous mother, a British Shorthair, ventured off and crossed paths with a mysterious, dashing tomcat. She returned home pregnant and soon gave birth to Butch and her two brothers.

Unable to keep the adorable kittens, their cat parents posted on Facebook, searching for loving homes. It was love at first sight when we laid eyes on Butch, the little black kitten. Without a moment's hesitation, we scooped her up and brought her into our family. And that's when the adventures of Butch, our fearless and energetic explorer, began!

From day one, Butch has been a curious soul, always on the lookout for new discoveries. She's fascinated by the flow of water and loves to jump on top of the fridge and balustrades. While she's independent, she also has a sweet and sensitive side that melts our hearts.

Before Boosie became part of our family, we had Shelley, a beloved Persian companion who spent 20 joyous years with us. We always fed Shelley the best, preparing home-cooked meals enriched with functional plants like mushrooms and Eastern European roots and berries. Now, we want Boosie and all furry friends to enjoy even more healthy and joy-filled years.

Our passion for plant-based nutrition and over eight years of experience in the industry of functional foods led us to create Boosie. We believe that pets deserve the same quality and care as humans. That's why we scour the globe for the finest plant-based ingredients. From the ashwagandha root sourced in India to the medicinal mushrooms cultivated in Europe, each ingredient is carefully selected to support your pet's well-being.

Oh, and here's the secret sauce: every single ingredient is put to the ultimate test by Butch herself. If it's Butch approved, you can be sure it's the cat's meow for your furry friend! 🐾🌱❤️


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